Indie Publishing workshops

Tired of Publishers Who Say No?
Finally, There is a Proven Way to Publish and Sell Your Writing

More workshops coming soon on how to publish, market and sell your writing (online or in print).

These workshops are for anyone who:
  • Has written or wants to write and publish their own books, particularly memoir / family history, “how to” or other non-fiction books (e.g. cook books, caring for babies, travel adventures, etc, etc)
  • Has their own business and wants to write on a specialist topic related to this business.
  • Wants to keep in touch with their readers, customers and followers.
  • Wants a website or blogsite that really works.
  • Is serious about selling their written work and how this can help them to sell other products and services.
  • Wants to take control of the publishing process.
  • Wants to explore new and different ways of publishing, including Ebooks.
  • Wants to know if it is possible to blog your way to a best seller.
Listen to Jocelyn talking about what you'll learn in the self-publishing and blogging workshops.

In our "How to Indie-Publish (self-publish) and Market Your Books" course you will learn:
  • The right steps from word document to finished book - the “nuts and bolts” of self-publishing, including costs and how to get an ISBN.
  • How to write a summary/back cover blurb that will make people want to read your book.
  • Tips and ideas on how to market and promote your book(s)
  • How to avoid scams and other perils when self-publishing.
In our "How to Blog and Sell Online" course you will learn: 
  • Why traditional publishing and selling options are dying. How websites, blog sites and blogging offer a real alternative and can increase a writer's profile and sales of their books.
  • How to design an online site (website/blog site) and go-live with it during this workshop.
  • How to drive traffic (potential customers) to the blog site/website – getting attention, promotion, building a database.
  • How to sell more/get more people to buy once they visit your blog site/website – balance of free vs. pay-to-download content; regular e-newsletters; eBooks vs. print books.
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About Jocelyn and James (The Story Bridge team):
Jocelyn Watkin is a full-time writer, blogger, promoter, freelance journalist and lecturer and she loves helping people to find the best way to create, publish and promote their books.  She has self-published and marketed an e-book, two of her own print books and three collections from new writers. She has tertiary qualification in teaching, journalism and has an MBA degree.

James George is a professional writer and creative writing teacher and mentor. He loves teaching and helping people to get into the world of creative narrative and storytelling.

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